u tube video

This video is about new BMW-3 car. This advertisement show about how this car moves smoothly to attract us to buy this beautiful car. First, this advertisement show about its engine. Its engine is new arrival and branded. It is also not too easy having a damaged. That why, its price is expensive. After that, this advertisement show about its pattern of this car. Its pattern so beautiful, unique and will attract when everyone see it. This car has been designed in china. After a while, this car show that comfortable is an important. That why it’s give us a softer chair. Next, the other function in this car is an automatic window, gear, staring, radio and many more. This is because make us too easy to use it. Finally the most important is in this car is about its sound. Its sound so silence when it move without the other inconvenience. So, this advertisement show us because want to promote to buy the good and perfect car.

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