u tube video

This video is about new BMW-3 car. This advertisement show about how this car moves smoothly to attract us to buy this beautiful car. First, this advertisement show about its engine. Its engine is new arrival and branded. It is also not too easy having a damaged. That why, its price is expensive. After that, this advertisement show about its pattern of this car. Its pattern so beautiful, unique and will attract when everyone see it. This car has been designed in china. After a while, this car show that comfortable is an important. That why it’s give us a softer chair. Next, the other function in this car is an automatic window, gear, staring, radio and many more. This is because make us too easy to use it. Finally the most important is in this car is about its sound. Its sound so silence when it move without the other inconvenience. So, this advertisement show us because want to promote to buy the good and perfect car.

at the ritual

After student got their best result of Diploma, they must to go to the graduation ceremony. This is because they have to take their certificates that signify their successful in education. For the ritual, students must put on a black cap and green ceremonial garment (robe). They look so happy. Then they must sit together with according to their ID number. In that time, student may find their old friends. They will shake hand and have to conversation. After that, at night, they need to go to the rehearsal for practice take their certificate on the stage. The next morning, they must to go to the photography session. After that, in the evening, the graduation ceremony starts. Then, they have to take their certificate on the stage. They also shake hands and take picture with the VIPs for a moment. The key symbolize successful. At this point, the students becomes a successful in education

main clothes in ceremony

There are special clothes in some celebration or ceremony. Clothes are one of the things that an important thing should have in ceremony. This is because, to make some ceremony perfect and beautiful. Many people will respect us. But, we must to choose right clothes. For examples, in come of age day in Japan should wear a kimonos and business suits. For a Fiesta de Quinceanos’s ceremony, they wear a tuxedo for a boys and an elegant party dresses for girls. These clothes are usually to wear for American people. For our ceremony, we wear Baju Melayu for a men and Baju Kurung for a woman. This is our traditional for first day in Hari Raya. Actually, it is also show our type. Clothes are important because protect us from any dangers.


Fiza likes to play with book, ruler and pencil when she was a child and her favorite activity is teaching. Faezah likes to play marble when she was a child and her favorite activity is play Sahiba. When Ain was a child, she likes to play with cooking and stuffed cat and bicycle is a favorite activity. Sazwani also like to play hide and seek and her favorite activity is play kite. And the lastly, Shahida lakes to play with Barbie doll and her favorite activity is badminton


I want to story about my bad and nice memory. I have many nice memories with my family. One of that is when family assembles together during Hari Raya in my village three years ago. It is a happy day. I help my grandmother cooking make a biscuits and cake. She is very expert to do that. I also help my aunties cook rending and so on. Sometimes I was followed my grandfather to the market to buy something to cool when Hari Raya. My sister, brother, cousins and I help clean the house. Then, we will play outside when evening. I always go to the flowers park in front of my grandfather house. It is so beautiful like in paradise. I also followed my uncle go to orchard of fruits. There are many fruits. That is a beautiful day that I never feel before this. But after three years, my grandmother got stroke. So, she can’t move anywhere. That I feel so sad when I look her flowers park not beautiful as three years ago. No sound of children. I hope that for this year Hari Raya is the best day even my father not to join us.


When I was a child, I like to play with Barbie doll. It is make me attractive with it’s beautiful. Sometimes, I was dreaming to be like its as my model when I was a adult. Actually, these plays teach me how to care and be responsibility what we loved. It’s also will make me more matured that want to handle something. When I thinking it back, it was so funny and makes me laughter. I often call my friends to play together and bring own dolls. I also change my things with them because to make not bored at all every day. This play also has a weakness. Such as, I will feel proud with myself. This is because, I will fight with my friends that my doll is the best and perfect than them. The other things, I will care my style. In this, I want new clothes with branded style. So, this is expensive things. I also often bring my doll everywhere even when I was eating and sleeping. I am not have a younger sister when that time so, my doll are my friends too. That way, I am not too bored when I am alone in the house. Right now, I still have a doll in my house because it is my favorite toy.
In this commercial, a cute girl goes to the beautiful park. First, a cute girl is cycling bicycle around the beautiful park while she sings a song. Then, she falls when she crushes with a handsome boy’s red bicycle. Next, she falls down and hurt her knee. After a while, a handsome boy get a ride her at behind. After that, they meet delicious an ice cream seller. Finally, they fall in love and seem happy ever after